Is it time for a holistic approach to ITSM?

So, we are now three months into 2014. Flown by, hasn’t it?

It’s been an interesting few months in the world of ITSM. Having been involved in quite a few discussions online, there seems to be a general acceptance that we now need to take a more holistic approach to service management, drawing on the best facets of the many different frameworks and standards.

ITIL®, ISO 20000, COBIT 5, each have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. It is only by integrating them together and drawing on their individual strengths that we can really start to build a cohesive ITSM and IT Governance framework. I had pretty much come to this conclusion last year. My discussions this year have reinforced my belief in the validity of this approach. With this idea of integration in mind, I spoke to an industry colleague of mine, Dr Suzanne Van Hove. Suzanne is someone I have known for years and that I know knows more about service management, ITIL and ISO20000 than most. Out of this discussion came the idea for the Pragmatic Application of Service Management book. This book offers an approach to integrating ITIL, ISO 20000, COBIT 5 called the Five Anchor approach. If you employ this approach you will be able to leverage the best parts of these frameworks and standards and deliver IT services that provide maximum ROI from your IT investments.

Find out more about the Five Anchor approach by purchasing a copy of Pragmatic Application of Service Management.