Is ISO27001 the secret to success? Yes!

Success, we all look for it. Whether it be in a professional capacity or our personal lives, we all strive to be successful. Depending on your goals, you may measure your success differently compared to others. For example a charity’s success may be defined as changing one person’s life, whereas a supermarket’s success would be to open stores around the country and have profits in the millions.

However success doesn’t come easy in business; you have to earn it, spend money and make tough decisions. But the most important secret to success is to give people a reason to trust you.

Story time

Two mailing fulfilment companies are both tendering for the same contract from a private healthcare organisation. This job involves sending out detailed surveys to patients which when returned, will have very sensitive data on. Once returned, the surveys will be scanned, stored in a digital format and then sent back to the healthcare organisation.

Company A’s quote comes to £20,000 whereas company B’s comes to £25,000. After seeing these quotes in detail, the healthcare organisation makes its decision without hesitation.

Company B wins.

Company B had a secret weapon, ISO 27001 certification. This meant that they were able to show their client that they have the necessary controls and systems in place to ensure that their customer data is kept safe throughout the entire process. The decision makers saw this as a key USP which was well worth spending the extra £5,000.  An Introduction to Information Security and ISO 27001:2013 explains what ISO 27001 is and why it is such a big winner.

Remember what I said about success?

Earn it – ISO 27001 certification isn’t an easy process, it takes time and dedication from the whole organisation.

Spend money – becoming ISO 27001 certified costs money but as you can see from the above, it pays off. How much do you think a data breach would cost you?

Make tough decisions – Deciding to pursue ISO27001 certification is a big decision but ultimately, it’s worth it.

Trust – Stating that you’re ISO 27001 certified will give any organisation a good reason to trust you with their data. It also puts trust in your stakeholders and potential investors.

So what’s next?

The next step would be to learn more about ISO 27001. You can do this by downloading our free green paper ‘Information Security and ISO 27001 – An Introduction’ or getting in touch with us directly on 0845 070 1750 and