Is distance learning right for you?

Distance learning is often considered the backup option for those who can’t attend classroom-based courses, and although it certainly does fill that need for a lot of people, it doesn’t have to be your second choice.

You might find that some of the benefits of online study make it more appealing than travelling to a classroom-based course.

Benefits of distance learning

  • Distance learners can study at their own pace, in their own time and from the comfort of their own home and office.
  • Courses are often presented as a video recording, so learners can rewind and catch any information they want repeated, or re-watch entire modules.
  • Recorded sessions mean you avoid the distractions and delays that come with classroom-based learning, such as problems with the tech and non-work-related questions (“Where’s the bathroom?” “When’s lunch?”).
  • Unlike classroom-based courses, you don’t have to spend time and money commuting to the venue.
  • Distance learning courses often give you immediate access to online exams.

Interested in distance learning?

If you think distance learning is right for you, IT Governance offers a range of courses. The most popular option is our ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation course, which gives you a well-rounded understanding of cyber security, while focusing on ISO 27001, the international standard that describes best practices for an information security management system (ISMS).

This one-day course explains how ISO 27001 works, the benefits of certification and the core elements of implementing an ISMS. It also covers:

  • An overview of available standards and management system documentation;
  • Key elements of ISMS implementation project planning;
  • The key steps of an ISO 27001 risk assessment; and
  • An overview of the ISO 27001 Annex A controls.

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