Is cyber security all hype?

So last night, there I was sitting on my sofa dinking a cool drink, trying to cope with this hot weather we have been having in the UK. To pass the time I was flicking through latest stories on Google News. I must admit to being a bit of a current affairs geek.

Having read the latest in world news, I navigated over to the technology stories. As I read each of the top headlines it became clear to me that there are a lot of cyber security stories making the news at this time. Some of  the stories are undoubtedly hype, this can be proven by the poor level of understanding of cyber security by some in the press.

But what is clear, by the sheer volume of stories making the headlines, is that cyber security is more of an issue today than it has ever been and is of growing importance to individuals, organisations and governments. Not a day would seem to pass without their being a story in the headlines where someone has stolen someone’s data,  a hacktivist has taken down a website or a state has attacked another state in cyber space.

We’ve certainly found in the business community there is a growing awareness of cyber security. We undertook a survey on the subject (Boardroom Cyber Watch Survey 2013 Report – download for free) and received several hundred responses from senior executives in many types of organisation around the world.

So whilst it is clear, there is some hype generated in the press on the subject of cyber security, the subject is of growing importance to people, organisations and governments globally.

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