Internet Security: Two Mindsets, One Solution

Fact #1: There are 23 million SMEs in the EU

Fact #2: Europe has an advanced Internet infrastructure, a high number of users and active Internet-mediated economies and payment systems

Fact #3: There are an unlimited number of hackers in the world that can target multiple websites, databases and offices at one time

The result: Europe businesses are a key target for cybercrime.

Sony, Lush and Epsilon have all faced the wrath of a cyber attack, costing their businesses hundreds of thousands of Euros. A cyber attack on a business shows a lack of Internet security and expoits a vulnerability within the company’s website/database. And what’s worse, a cyber attack just doesn’t stop there – Sony had over 75 million customer’s details stolen, including names, email addresses and credit card details.

So, for every CEO, there are two mindsets on the view of Internet security within your business:

Mindset 1) Turn a blind eye to securing your Information Security Management System (ISMS).  Cyber criminals only attack big brands, they wouldn’t bother with a small business like ours. It is a waste of money protecting our business when the liklihood of a cyber attack happening to us is extremely rare.


Mindset 2) Face Internet Security head-on. Accept that cyber threats are a real danger for your business and the the only way to avoid them or lessen the blow of a cyber attack is to act now and prepare your business.

Internet Security Solution

If you are in mindset 2, then chances are you already have an effective infomation security management system in place and are familiar with the international ISO27001 standard.

If you are in mindset 1, then you need to take action now. Brushing internet security under the carpet will not make it go away; in fact it will come back harder and cause more damage than a business with an ISMS in place. Cyber criminals will target any business that they can make money out of, that have confidential business data to steal or exploit,  or simply destroy because of the pure ‘fun’ element. You only think that big brands are hit because of the media coverage they receive. In fact, just as many, if not more SMEs are hit because of their “easy target status”. Unfortunately, ignorance plays an important part in the downfall of SMEs where Internet security is concerned.

Don’t let your business fall victim to a cyber attack; protect yourselves now.

There are many cost-effective solutions out there to help you comply with the ISO27001 standard and create a practical and sufficient ISMS.When you weigh up the cost of a preventative solution, towards the cost of cyber attack/data breach (fine of hundreds of thousands of Euros, brand damage, trust lost, customer relationships ruined etc) then the preventative method is minimal. Save yourself the time, money and hassle and create a secure ISMS now.

Our Standalone ISO27001 ISMS Documentation Toolkit will help you achieve a secure ISMS whilst also complying to the ISO27001 standard. This toolkit simplifies the process of achieving ISO27001 and saves you time and money. Protect your business with this toolkit which will provide you with a safe and secure ISMS.

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