International Green IT Awareness Week

It’s Green IT Awareness Week and to coincide with the event we are undertaking the following activities:

  • We are publishing the second edition of Gary Hird’s book Green IT in Practice.This book is the latest addition to IT Governance’s specialist online Green IT store, which brings together all the best books for learning about Green IT and the tools needed to apply it in practice.
  • For organisations pursuing compliance with ISO14001, the environmental management system, we are offering a range of specialist books and resources, including a labour-saving ISO14001 Documentation Toolkit.
  • For organisations pursuing compliance with BS EN 16001, the energy management system, we will be launching a labour-saving BS EN 16001 Toolkit.
  • Our Critical Issue for June (which is only available to our email subscribers), will focus on Green IT issues – watch this space…
  • In keeping with the ‘Green’ theme, we are offering an added incentive to digital readers by taking 10% off the purchase price of its entire ITGP e-book range with the voucher code: ITGPDOWNLOAD.

Promote environmentally sustainable IT within your organisation…

Learn from the John Lewis Partnership with this best-selling practical book:

Green IT in Practice, Second edition (eBook)

  • Understand the link between general Corporate Social Responsibility and Green IT;
  • Find out how best to construct appropriate policies and metrics;
  • Practical tried and tested tips on how to engage with employees and suppliers;
  • Enjoy an insight into other people’s experiences in revealing in-depth case studies;
  • A deeper appreciation of just how IT can begin to enable carbon footprint reduction in your organisation as a whole.

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