Internal Security Issues Cause Most Data Breaches

Forrester has revealed that most data breaches are caused by internal problems such as employees losing, having stolen or “simply unwittingly” misusing corporate assets.

Forrester questioned over 7,000 IT executives across North America and Europe. See the break down below of the causes for data breaches:

  • Simple loss or theft – 31%
  • Inadvertent misuse by an employee – 27%
  • External attack – 25%
  • Malicious insiders – 12%
  • Other – 5%

“Whether their actions are intentional or unintentional, insiders cause their fair share of breaches,” said the authors of the report.

All staff should have a basic understanding of information security to help secure the company’s data, profits and brand image. A small mishap – such as leaving a customer’s credit card details in the bin unshredded, or allowing a stranger into the office without vetting them first – can leave your firm in dire trouble.

A cost-effective yet simple solution is to deploy an Information Security Awareness e-Learning Course within your company.

Our e-learning course recognises that information security awareness starts with the individual. It helps employees understand their organisations’ information and compliance risks, thereby reducing the organisations exposure to security failures.

This course can be taken from the comfort of your employees desk, and roughly takes 45 minutes. It covers all aspects of information security including passwords, portable media, clear desk and screen policies and tailgating.

The course uses non-technical language and is suitable for all employees in an organisation that are involved in processing information, using Information Technology in their daily job or who use the Internet as a means of conducting business.

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