Intellegent organisations won’t wait To transition from BS25999 to ISO 22301

BS25999 is best practice for business continuity management and it will soon be replaced with an international Standard: ISO 22301.

BS25999 is acting as the major source document for ISO 22301, with the British Standards Institute playing a leading role working alongside other countries such as Australia, Japan and Israel in this international collaboration. It is anticipated that ISO 22301 will adopt the ‘plan, do, check, act’ (PDCA) model of continuous improvement.

Many companies will be waiting for the new international standard to be released before they tackle an implementation project. Intellegent companies are getting ahead of the game by implementing BS25999 right now. It’s expected that there will be a smooth transition path for those organisations who are certified/complying with BS25999 and looking to certify to ISO 22301, which will be easier than implementing ISO 22301 from scratch.

Download the BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit for simple do-it-yourself compliance!




BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit

BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit This toolkit has helped companies all over the world to achieve full BS25999 compliance and you can follow in their footsteps with the help of the fully customizable templates included in this toolkit.

This toolkit also contains electronic copies of the following specialist guides, which are useful both for the project manager and for other team members, as well as for training and awareness activity.

Download this essential toolkit today!

In addition to the documentation templates and specialist guides, the toolkit contains:

  • PDCA guidance;
  • a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Tool;
  • a Risk Assessment and Risk Register Tool;
  • a BS25999 Gap Analysis/Audit Tool;
  • an BS25999 Induction and Awareness Slide Presentation;
  • a BS25999 implementation progress checklist;
  • a BS25999 Project Management Implementation Plan.

This toolkit comes with an inbuilt 12-month support and upgrade contract that ensures that buyers benefit from all improvements to the toolkit for 12 months, and provides online documentation email drafting support as and when you need it.


Get on with implementing a best practice business continuity management system:

Download the BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit Today!