Intel® IT Centre adopts ITGP book for its IT transformation webinar programme

According to Charles Araujo of the IT Transformation Institute, ‘IT as we know it is dead’. It’s a big claim, but in the ITGP bookThe Quantum Age of IT: why everything you know about IT is about to change, Charles presents the causes for this dramatic shift. He believes that organisations that don’t see the change coming, or don’t prepare for it could be in for a nasty shock.

Among those who are listening to Charles’s message are the technology giants Intel®. Now, the IT Transformation Institute, and the Intel® IT Centre are running a joint programme of webinars around the hot topic of IT transformation. The webinars, and associated events, articles and blogs will openly discuss the challenges companies face as they try to transform into ‘next generation’ IT organisations.

To mark the start of the programme, the Intel® IT Centre, the IT Transformation Institute and IT Governance Publishing have come together to produce a special edition of The Quantum Age of IT. This special edition will be available for those who join the Intel® IT Centre community and sign up to the free webinars. The book will be available at a significant discount throughout the webinar programme.

Find out how to register and how you can get your discounted copy.