Infosec13 – What do you mean by Data Classification!?

It’s fair to say that within business, it’s easy to assume that your customer knows everything. I think the customer may even go as far to say that they know everything too. However, one thing that was clear to me whilst at this year’s #infosec13, was a lack of understanding what is meant by Data Classification.

What is Data Classification?

There are a number of definitions to Data Classification provided by Wikipedia which are:

If you take a look at these you will see that there is relevance to all of it but at Boldon James we want to draw your attention to the fourth point, ‘Assigning a level of sensitivity to classified information’, and more specifically:

‘Some corporations and non-government organizations also assign sensitive information to multiple levels of protection, either from a desire to protect trade secrets, or because of laws and regulations governing various matters such as personal privacy, sealed legal proceedings and the timing of financial information releases.’

We tend to think of ‘Top Secret’ classified information being a military thing only. Well, it really isn’t. All of the content that we create on a daily basis has some form of sensitivity to it. This could be the spread sheet with your company’s sales figures and customer details on it, it could be your project plan when releasing a new product to the market or it could be the medical records your doctor holds. All of this information is crucial to your business and it’s up to the content creators (i.e. you and me) to ensure the integrity of your data.

This was an eye opener for me at Infosec13. I realised this is something that needs to be addressed and understood by all content creators, especially as more of us are creating new content every day which adds to your business risks.

Overall, the #Infosec13 show was a great experience and much bigger than I thought it would be. Congratulations go to Peter Nash @reallygrumpidad for winning £100 voucher from our channel partners @ITGovernance in the Boldon James sweater competition. It was also a very fruitful experience for me winning a Nexus 7 from our technology Partners, Egress. Thanks all and I look forward to next year’s event and many more events this year.

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