Information security veteran reviews Cloud computing guide

 Timothy Phillips is a 29 year veteran of the information security industry and Managing Partner of CIMA. The focus of his experience has been working with corporations with highly diverse technology environments whose business is sustained on trust, customer retention and regulatory compliance. In his latest work, he reviews ‘Securing the Cloud’ by Vic Winkler….

 “In the world of technology, we’ve come full circle from centralized and virtualized mainframe computing to distributed computing, and now with economic constraints and regulations driving the ship, we heading back to an old new world of virtualized computing, coined Cloud Computing.

In his book, Vic does a great job working from foundational information on cloud computing and information security basics to understanding the business drivers for change and cloud computing security challenges. From here the journey continues on to help the reader understand security architectural and regulatory issues affecting cloud computing. One of the key areas of the book that I think emphasizes Vic’s practical nature to being a business enabler is evident in his advice on avoiding being locked into a cloud.  His reference to the works of the Cloud Security Alliance, NIST and other creditable groups, helps the reader to see and understand his information is well researched and based on a firm foundation.

The book closes on the topics of selection criteria for cloud security providers, auditing cloud security, and operational issues in cloud security.

All in all, the information is very well organized and designed in a fashion where one topic builds upon the last. I would highly recommend this book to managers seeking to understand the cloud at a high level, and how to approach looking at and managing security in the cloud.”

‘Securing the Cloud’ is available to buy from IT Governance International and IT Governance USA.