Information Security – The Human Factor

While people are crucial to the success of information technology within an organisation, there is a conservative view that the users of IT systems represent the greatest information security risk. People will always make mistakes and create security incidents. Some may be tricked and manipulated by external influences (social engineering). A few disgruntled and possibly dishonest employees may cause considerable loss and damage.

How can you mitigate these risks and ensure that the ‘human factor’ becomes a key element in maintaining the information security in your organisation?

ITG E-learning Course – Information Security Staff Awareness

ITG e-Learning Information Security Course The ITG e-Learning – Information Security Staff Awareness training course recognises that information security awareness starts at home and then aims to help employees understand the organisation’s information and compliance risks. This course not only familiarises the learners with the basics such as security threats via emails, the Internet and at the workplace, but also introduces policies on incident response and reporting.

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Affordable and Effective Delivery of Information Security Awareness Training

e–learning technology is at the core of our commitment to helping you deliver Information Security Awareness induction and training programmes. Developed and hosted by IT Governance, the e-Learning – Information Security Staff Awareness training course offers the following benefits:

  • Simple to use with relevant and informative content
  • Low cost and easy to implement
  • Content can be customised to meet specific needs of organisation
  • Web-delivered with no additional technology costs
  • Meets the requirements of ISO27001, PCI DSS, Data Protection Act standards

Positive, aware and well trained members of staff are a key part of ensuring that you protect the crucial intellectual assets of your organisation, namely your confidential information, relationships and reputation.


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