Information Security Staff Awareness E-Learning – 2 in 1 Special Offer!

The insider threat probably represents one of the biggest risks to your organisation. Employees who don’t understand the risk posed by information technology may harm your business financially and damage your reputation, even in their effort to be a good employee.

Continuous information security staff awareness training is essential for securing your information assets, improving operational effectiveness and protecting your reputation.

Our range of specially developed e-learning courses will help you address the need for effective staff awareness training and meet your compliance requirements. Our courses will ensure your staff have the know-how to keep confidential data secure, whilst offering both cost-efficiency and simple deployment.

Information Security Staff Awareness eLearning course

Information Security & ISO27001 Staff Awareness

PCI DSS Staff Awareness Course

  • Prices start from just £45 per license.
  • Fixed price for multi-user licences, regardless of the number of users.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy a one year single( or multi-user licence) for any of the above e-learning courses before the end of November 2012 – we’ll give you a FREE 6-month license to the DPA Staff Awareness eLearning course to match every licence you’ve bought.

Every organisation in the UK needs to comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA) – the DPA Staff Awareness eLearning course will help you keep your staff aware of their DPA responsibilities and avoid potential fines.

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Why choose ITG e-learning courses?

Traditional information security courses are not only expensive to run, but they also incur a bigger administrative burden. Record keeping is a manual process making it more difficult to prove employees have been effectively trained in information security.

E-learning is easily the most cost-efficient method for rolling out information security training.

You benefit from:

    • Massive financial cost savings in comparison to traditional training options
    • Minimal office disruption – staff train at their desks
    • Minimal administration – comprehensive reports available
    • Systematic evidence that training has actually been
    • Simple to use with relevant and informative content
    • We can host site licences either in your own e-learning environment or on our servers
    • A customisable e-learning option available
    • Prices start at £45 per license and fixed-price for multi-user licences, regardless of the number of users.

See the full IT Governance e-Learning – Staff Awareness & Compliance Suite and get your 6-month DPA package free!