‘Information Security Management Principles’ Review by Manish Sehgal

Manish Sehgal, an information security professional with over 15 years of experience, reviews ‘Information Security Management Principles‘ for IT Governance.

“Information security is the most important thing every business in the world needs to address.

This book provides a clear understanding of the various topics related to the information security domain. It gives a clear understanding of the terminology and provides precise definitions of all the jargon any information security professional would want to know about.

“The best thing about this book…”

The best thing about the book is the inclusion of a case study.  The case study (or ‘Activity’, as defined by the author) is designed so well that it helps the reader to not only understand the topics provided in the text but to also try to apply them to real world challenges and situations. It makes the book very easy to understand and comprehend and the effort required to remember or memorise the difficult concepts becomes negligible.

The content of the book is designed in a manner that it touches all facets of information security and provides well versed definitions of basic as well as advanced topics. Overviews of the basics – like the CIA triad – and the advanced topics – like key encryption – are handled with equal competency. Even the upcoming technology like Cloud computing is explained in a way that the reader finds easy to comprehend.

This book is a thoroughly written guide for the budding information security professional, and does a great job at making them understand the concepts well. The flow of information provides the reader with all the fundamental knowledge required to start their journey into the vast world of information security.

As suggested by the author, this book would be of great help for students preparing for the BCS’s Information Security Management Principles Foundation examination.

“…Topics and definitions covered in a clear, readily understandable manner”

I would recommend this book to anyone interested in knowing about the information security domain and needs a guide with all the topics and definitions covered in a clear, readily understandable manner.”

Authored by David Alexander, Amanda Finch, David Sutton and Andy Taylor, this Information Security Management Principles – second edition is available from IT Governance.