Information Security: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Information security has never been higher on the business and political agenda, according to the latest report from Business Technology, published in The Sunday Telegraph on 8 April.

“It seems that the main message from information security experts is always ‘be afraid… be very afraid’,” says editor Jonathan Watson.

Increasingly, governments are making businesses pay when their data security systems fail. In the US the authorities have fined health insurance provider BlueCross BlueShield $1.5m (£900,000), after a theft of health data involving more than a million customers. 

In the UK, the Information Commissioner’s Office is using its powers to punish serious data breaches with a fine of up to £500,000. And new EU rules may see fines of up to 2 per cent of global turnover being imposed.

Elsewhere in the supplement, Business Technology looks at:

  • The changing face of hacking – it’s no longer the preserve of bored teenagers as criminal gangs set on defrauding firms move in.
  • The threat from within when employees look to link their own mobiles devises to the company network.
  • The rise of biometrics and why the UK Border Agency is scaling back its iris recognition system (IRIS) at UK airports

Business Technology is produced by Lyonsdown, Britain’s leading publisher of independent reports and supplements in the national press.

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