Information Lifecycle Support review by Reginald Best

itSMF member, Reginald Best, has kindly reviewed Information Lifecycle Support: Wisdom, Knowledge, Information and Data Management (WKIDM) exclusively for IT Governance Ltd.

Information Lifecycle Support focuses on the value of creating a corporate organization which specializes in wisdom, knowledge, information and data management (WKIDM). The authors do a great job of conveying the value of WKIDM when it is integrated into the corporate strategy, roles, processes, technology and governance of an organization. Brain and John have created an easy reading, entry level book. This book is neither a strategic or methodical document but rather a structured white paper which establishes the foundation for discussing Information Management (IM) concepts.

The authors recognize the challenges of implementing WKIDM within a corporation, discussing the lack of business interest, the resistance of IT organization to new techniques, the incompatibility of tools/packages for data interchange, and the conflicts between the short-term business imperatives versus the long-term benefits of WKIDM. Yet, they fail to present a structured approach to offset these challenges. While this book won’t sway the reader on the value of creating a WKIDM organization, it will give the reader enough information to intelligently discuss the subject of WKIDM. The authors close the book with a “wisdom chapter” and a health check (to determine if an organization needs a WKIDM program) – without presenting a strong conclusion in either direction.

You should read this book if you are; (1) looking for an entry level book on the concepts of information management, (2) trying to understand the ideal role for WKIDM in a corporation, and/or; (3) trying to grasp the acronyms or jargon used by IM professionals. A few times in the book the authors refer to the concepts of Service Management used in the IT Information Library (ITIL). The reader is expected to know and understand the concepts of ITIL before reading this book. This book could be part of additional reading curriculum for MIS students or business leaders without an MIS degree.

Information Lifecycle Support: Wisdom, Knowledge, Information and Data Management (WKIDM)

In the end, the book levels the playing field, between MIS and non-MIS leaders, and portrays the ideal approach for managing wisdom, knowledge, information and data.”


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