Infographic – SMEs and cyber-attacks, what you need to know

83% of small and medium-sized companies think they are not targets for attacks because they don’t think they have anything worth stealing. A further 32% believe they won’t suffer any lost revenue from a day’s downtime resulting from an attack.

In my opinion, these are the weakest pretences not to have a basic level of protection against cyber threats. The real motivations are hidden behind these screens: 22% of such organisations don’t know where to start with cyber security, and 24% think that cyber security is too expensive to implement.

Need more specific stats and figures about SMEs? Click on the image below to see the infographic Towergate Insurance created for you.


Get a basic level of protection

If you agree with the 24% of companies above and think getting cyber secure is expensive, I can tell you something to make you change your mind. For as little as £300, you can achieve certification to Cyber Essentials, the UK Government scheme that could prevent around 80% of cyber attacks. Our Cyber Essentials – Do It Yourself packaged solution includes the review of your self-assessment questionnaire, the required vulnerability scan for your network and systems, and the certification service.

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