Infographic: List of data breaches in 2018

2018 saw some of the biggest data breaches yet, with Marriott, Under Armour and Facebook suffering breaches that affected 500 million, 150 million and 100 million people respectively.

It was also the year of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which changed the way organisations handle customers’ personal data and introduced hefty fines for non-compliance.

However, the Regulation didn’t seem to reduce the number of data breaches: there were approximately 2.3 billion breaches last year, compared to just 826 million in 2017.

Using our monthly ‘List of data breaches and cyber attacks’ blog posts, we’ve created an infographic to sum up the reported data breaches of 2018.

Download the infographic here >>

Quickly respond to a data breach in line with the GDPR’s requirements

Identifying a data breach under the GDPR – who has been affected, how extensive it is and how it happened – within 72 hours can pose a challenge for any business.

With the threat of a data breach becoming increasingly imminent, it’s vital that your organisation is prepared to respond in a crisis.

Our GDPR Data Breach Support Service provides everything you need to comply with the GDPR’s data breach reporting requirements, all in one place, at a fixed cost.

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