Infographic: Are you cyber resilient?

An organisation’s cyber resilience is a critical survival trait as cyber criminals adapt to the rapidly changing world faster than solutions can be developed to defend against them.

Targeted attacks by skilled, persistent cyber criminals are now a worrying business reality.

In 2017, 68% of large businesses in the UK said they had identified at least one cyber security breach or attack that year, and the average business identified 998 breaches.

Cyber criminals can compromise any organisation, given enough opportunities and resources, regardless of its size. It is not if an organisation will suffer an attack, but when.

Who should adopt cyber resilience?

To achieve a robust cyber resilience programme, a comprehensive approach should be taken with measures that cover information security, incident response and business continuity management.

Cyber resilience aims to not only defend against potential attacks but also ensure your organisation is able to respond and return to ‘business as usual’ in the event of a disruptive incident.

Free cyber resilience infographic

IT Governance has developed an infographic that walks you through the current cyber resilience landscape and demonstrates how vital it is to an organisation’s survival, as well as providing guidance on how to achieve a strong cyber resilience posture.

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