Influx of DDoS attacks on Dutch banks

Over the past couple of weeks, banks in the Netherlands have been experiencing an influx of DDoS(or distributed-denial-of-service) attacks, causing customers to be unable to access their online accounts.

Rabobank and ING are just two of the major banks that have been affected.

According to comScore, 2 out of 3 internet users in the Netherlands access online banking sites which makes the country with the highest penetration of online banking users in the world.

With such high numbers of users in the Netherlands, it is shocking to hear that so many of its banks are experiencing DDoSattacks.

A DDos attack involves bombarding a site with data traffic so that it crashes or makes it extremely difficult to reach. This news comes 3 weeks after what possible was the biggest ever DDoS.

This attack  is just one of many cyber threats that thousands of organisations face around the world every single day.

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