Increasing concern about online privacy in UK

The 2015 edition of the TRUSTe Consumer Confidence Index confirmed that concern about online privacy is increasing. 92% of Internet users are worried about their privacy when surfing the net and concern is on the rise – 33% declared that they were more concerned than one year ago. Top causes are the fear that companies collecting personal data share that data with other companies (48%), online security threats (35%) and government surveillance (21%).

Negative impact on online business

Such growing concern about online privacy and data security has a negative impact on online business: around 80% of users limited their online activity due to privacy concerns, and 89% said “they avoid companies they do not believe protect their privacy”. This translates to fewer ad clicks, fewer apps or products downloaded, more transactions stopped before completion, and more accounts deleted.

Rebuild consumer trust and companies’ trustworthiness

Gaining consumers’ trust opens doors to future business, especially for small and medium-sized companies: a satisfied customer is more likely to establish a long-lasting relationship, and even endorse the companies to friends, family and colleagues. But how can you improve your trustworthiness? With the Cyber Essentials badge, you can demonstrate to your customers that you take cyber security measures to avoid around 80% of cyber threats. Put the badge on your homepage and make visitors aware of your active role in fighting cyber crime.

Adopting the Cyber Essentials scheme not only secures your company and future business, you will gain additional business benefits.

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