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Is your business going to succeed or fail in the new age of intellectual capital?

Will your board of directors meet its fiduciary responsibilities in terms of information technology?

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Why is IT governance important?

IT Governance is a vital element of any modern business today. It is distinct from management and constitutes a ‘framework for the leadership, organisational structures and business processes, standards and compliance to these standards, which ensure that the organisation’s IT supports and enables the achievement of its strategies’ (A. Calder, IT Governance: Guidelines for Directors)

As technology progresses IT governance will be even more important than corporate governance is today: information and IT are absolutely fundamental to business survival, and organisations that fail to ‘direct and control’ should expect to be left as road kill on the information superhighway.

International IT governance standard, ISO/IEC 38500

ISO/IEC 38500, which was published in 2008, is the first international standard predominantly addressed to the governing body of an organisation. It deals specifically with the governance of information and communication technology (ICT) and recognises that, in smaller organisations, the members of the governing body may also have roles in management. Therefore, this standard makes itself applicable to organisations of all sizes, regardless of purpose, design or ownership structure.

Is your organisation pursuing ISO/IEC 38500 certification? The Calder-Moir Framework Toolkit will help you achieve this certification swiftly!

The Calder-Moir Framework

The Calder-Moir Framework is compatible with ISO/IEC 38500. It is contained on a CD-Rom and includes 1,600 pages from IT governance implementation resources (98 different documents, including templates, guidelines, checklists, questionnaires, slide presentations, assessments and planning tools).


IT Governance (Calder-Moir) Framework Toolkit

IT Governance (Calder-Moir) Framework Toolkit

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The toolkit provides you with:

  • a single integrated framework that enables you to get the best out of CobiT, ITIL, ISO27001/ISO27002, ISO20000, Prince2, PMBOK, TOGAF, IT Balanced Scorecards, the Zachman Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management, IT Dashboards and so much more,
  • a framework to navigate your wide-ranging and complex strategic, risk management, compliance and operational needs,
  • a step-by-step guide to cross-company implementation,
  • templates and assessment tools that will simplify many aspects of the process for you,
  • practical guidance working with ISO/IEC 38500 and for integrating widely-used IT governance frameworks, including CobiT, ISO27001, ITIL and so on.

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