Improve cyber security and drive business efficiency easily with Cyber Essentials

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about the newly launched voucher scheme for boosting Scottish small businesses’ cyber security and adherence to the Cyber Essentials scheme.

It’s easy to understand why the Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership developed this scheme: in a report published by KPMG and Cyber Streetwise early this year, one in ten Scottish SMEs claimed not to be concerned by nor prepared for cyber attacks. Surprisingly, this claim is embraced by half of the UK-based SMEs who think “it’s unlikely or very unlikely that we’d be the target for an attack”.

They couldn’t be more wrong

Cyber criminals are not choosy, and being little fish doesn’t prevent SMEs from being the target of an attack. On the contrary: SMEs really are attractive. This is because:

  • They usually have fewer resources to invest in cyber security;
  • They have poor security measures in place;
  • They are part of a larger supply chain and consequently they have access to larger organisations’ systems (this is what happened to Eithad Airways and America’s Thrift Stores).

Benefits of Cyber Essentials certification

Why is the Government urging SMEs to adopt the Cyber Essentials scheme? Because, aside from improving your cyber security posture (prevent around 80% of Internet-based threats), being certified brings a whole set of benefits:

  • Enhanced business reputation;
  • Open new commercial opportunities;
  • Prove to your customers and suppliers that you take the security of their information seriously;
  • Reduce insurance premiums;
  • Apply for UK Government contracts.

Furthermore, correctly implementing the five security controls mandated by the scheme (secure configuration, boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, access control and administrative privilege management, patch management and malware protection) can drive business efficiency throughout your organisation, saving money and improving productivity. How? Read more in this free guide >>



If you are working for an SME and you think your company is not doing enough to secure its resources and employees from cyber attacks, you should read this guide. It provides you with stats showing just what SMEs are risking by not being cyber secure, and how Cyber Essentials can help them improve their cyber security posture and business efficiency.

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