Implementing IT Service Management

When implementing an IT service management system (SMS) from scratch it’s difficult to know exactly where to start your project.

Our IT service management, ISO20000 and ITIL experts, Shirley Lacy and Jenny Dugmore are presenting a free webinar on how to implement an IT service management system using real-world examples carefully selected from their extensive career.

Shirley Lacy is an ITIL author and project mentor for the ITIL 2011 update, and the primary editor of the ISO process assessment standard, ISO/IEC 33002.

Jenny Dugmore chairs the international ISO/IEC 20000 group and acts as series editor for the 20000 series.

Together Jenny and Shirley have led and contributed significantly to the development of BS15000 (forerunner to ISO/IEC 20000) and both editions of ISO/IEC 20000.

The webinar will run on 8th May 3pm (GMT) and will consist of a 45min presentation followed by 15min session of Q&A.

This webinar will be particularly useful to project managers and IT service managers who are looking for explanation and clarity around sticking points when embarking on such an implementation.

This webinar will give attendees the opportunity to ask our experts, Shirley and Jenny, for sharp advice and techniques used that may have enhanced their practical experience.

The webinar agenda for the 8th May:

  1. Best practices approaches to implementing IT service management (based on 20000-5 exemplar implementation plan – Jenny Dugmore
  2. Case studies based on creating a service management framework for global ITSM implementations – Shirley Lacy
  • Industry sector
  • Business objectives for ITSM
  • Implementation approach and time
  • How did they use the toolkit
  • Benefits

You can sign up to this webinar for free here: