Implementing ISO 27001 in a time-effective manner

One of many questions asked by organisations looking to implement ISO 27001 is how long does it take?

A straightforward question, but there’s no straightforward answer in most cases. The time it takes to implement depends on the size of the organisation, how many locations there are, how many people are involved in the project and many more factors, such as culture and ethics.

One of the key reasons organisations want to know how long implementation takes is simply because time is money.

Begin without interruptions

Interruptions when taking on any project can have negative effects and cause delays, thus creating unnecessary costs. As we head into the longest uninterrupted period of the year, organisations would be smart to begin their implementation project within the next five weeks.

Schools are back in session soon, there’s only one more bank holiday until Christmas, and the inevitable disappearing sun will keep people inside.

Cost- and time-effective

To make the most of the lack of interruptions, using cost-effective tools such as the ISO 27001 Documentation Toolkit would be a sensible course of action. ISO 27001 certification requires organisations to prove their conformance to the Standard with appropriate documentation, which can run to thousands of pages for more complex businesses.

100%* of our customers agree that this toolkit saves them time and effort, and they would recommend it to their suppliers, customers and partners.

View the ISO 27001 Documentation Toolkit contents here.

Take a trial of the ISO 27001 Toolkit today, and see how your organisation can speed up its implementation project.

* Based on a survey of toolkit users conducted in 2014.