IG Toolkit: Supplying products or services to the NHS

medicine-1309148_960_720Any organisation that wants to supply products or services to the NHS must meet the requirements set out in the NHS Information Governance (IG) Toolkit.

The IG Toolkit is an online system which allows organisations to assess themselves or be assessed against information governance policies and standards. Organisations will need to upload compliant templates to the portal in order to comply.

There are different sets of requirements for different organisation types, but all organisations must assess themselves against requirements for:

  • Management structures and responsibilities (e.g. assigning responsibility for carrying out the IG assessment, providing staff training, etc.).
  • Confidentiality and data protection.
  • Information security.

The requirements differ depending on your organisation type, so achieving compliance can be time-consuming and demanding.

If you want to be an NHS commercial third party, you must comply with the information governance requirements of the IG Toolkit, which helps to regulate patient confidentiality and ensure data integrity. The templates in this toolkit contain all of the documents required in order to satisfy IG Toolkit requirements for CTPs. Find out more >>