If you think a £1,950 pen test is expensive, try having a security breach!

Before you start to apply technical controls, do you know what your vulnerabilities are?

A recent Data Breach Investigations Report found that 92% of incidents were first discovered by a third party [Source: Verizon]. This is a very expensive way to manage your information security.

Our independent penetration tests enable you to identify your own IT security vulnerabilities – and fix them before someone else finds them!


Our ethical hackers can help you:

  • Protect your own and your customers data for a price that’s 100% affordable!
  • Assess your IT security controls when scoping an ISO27001 ISMS[i] project
  • Save money on cyber insurance premiums



Using our service will:

  • Segregate the testers from those running the network.
  • Provide you with:
    • Independent testing
    • Cost effective security assessments

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Evaluate your IT security system in less than 72 hours with our security assessment.

We also offer this value for money service on a contract basis for regular security assessments, pen tests and vulnerability/remediation reports, because …

Cybersecurity is NOT a Steady State!

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