IBITGQ Certificates – The ISO 27001 Practitioner’s Qualifications

IT Governance Ltd has been working with the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications (IBITGQ) since 2011 to ensure that our training courses and qualifications are accredited by an independent and internationally recognised exam body. As an IBITGQ training development partner and Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) in the UK, we have been a key influencer in the development of the syllabus and learning objectives of each of the ISO 27001 training courses.

In their recently released Autumn Key Facts statement of 6 October, IBITGQ confirmed:


Launched in April 2011, IBITGQ qualifications have been earned by more than 2,000 IT professionals working in government and commercial organisation throughout the world. Offering Foundation and Advanced courses and exams, IBITGQ has become the first-choice provider for information security managers, IT governance managers and consultants. A total of 2575 candidates have attended classroom or online sessions delivered by our Accredited Training Organisations. With 2139 of these candidates passing the written examinations, the global pass rate is a healthy 83%.

The practitioner’s qualification

IBITGQ certificates have gained a reputation as the ‘practitioner’s qualification’ with many candidates reporting that the practical approach delivered in training has supported significant success in the delivery of best practice and compliance. This is reflected in the candidates’ career development and employers increasingly recognising the value of IBITGQ qualifications both in recruitment and personal development for existing staff members.

The importance of information security management

The three most popular IBITGQ qualifications are ISO27001 Certified ISMS Foundation (CIS F), ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS LI) and ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Auditor (CIS LA). With a combined total of 1662 qualifications awarded (78% of total), IBITGQ is helping to meet the unprecedented demand for qualified information security managers who can mitigate the increasing and pervasive risks associated with global cyber crime.

We are particularly proud of the reference to “the practitioner’s qualification” as this neatly summarises the benefit of our ISO 27001 Learning Pathway. Our focus has always been to provide training delegates with the practical knowledge to implement, maintain and audit the requirements of standards and best-practice frameworks. This is underpinned by our experience as an ISO 27001 consultancy and in the effectiveness of our course design, which delivers the maximum learning in the minimum time – reducing time away from work and improving productivity.

Securing senior jobs and higher salaries

IBITGQ has also indicated that professionals holding IBITGQ qualifications have reported that they are using ISO 27001 qualifications to secure more senior job positions with higher salaries. This is consistent with the global growth in organisations who have ISO 27001 certification, and the unprecedented demand for qualified information security managers.