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There is a standard approach towards implementation of an ISMS that is recommended by all international certification bodies:

  1. Purchase and study the Standards
  2. Assemble a team, agree project strategy, ISMS scope and draft an initial corporate information security policy
  3. Asset inventory, risk assessment, & develop risk treatment plan
  4. Draft statement of Applicability and supporting policies and procedures and get board approval
  5. Implement the ISMS, develop incident response procedures and provide training across the organisation
  6. Monitor, review, check and audit – ensuring that the ISMS works as planned
  7. Identify and implement improvements prior to seeking external certification.

These steps fit within what is known as the Deming, or PDCA (for Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle, which ISO 27001 requires to be applied in developing an ISMS.

This special offer toolkit contains everything you need to use this standard approach towards implementation of an ISMS and an additional 7 resources to help you kick-start your information security staff awareness project!

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