HR – the secret information security weapon

The recent ISBS survey commissioned by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills dished up some eyebrow raising stats on the increasing number of information security breaches.

For example during the past year, large organisations reported an average of 113 security breaches (up from 71 in the previous year).

HR departments can play a key role in encouraging professional development amongst IT staff to counter this growing threat to information security.

Choosing the right training and qualifications

For HR professionals looking to support professional development our new, free ‘Information Security Qualifications – Fact Sheet’ provides a clear overview of a wide range of qualifications.

This straightforward paper will help you to decipher the difference between a whole range of qualifications, including CISA, CISM, CIS F, CIS LA and CIS LI.

Once clear on the qualification options, creating a professional development plan that builds in-house expertise, reduces the risk of security breaches and demonstrates a clear commitment to employee development will be a doddle.

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