How your Law Firm can win big from the recent Panama breach

It’s hardly surprising that law firms are a favourite target of cyber criminals given the extraordinary wealth of information that can be harvested from their files.

For a criminal, this could provide the opportunity to use insider information for financial gain, access the personal records of lawyers within the firm, or blackmail the law firm’s clients using information that those clients would prefer not to be publicly known – and people and companies around the world trust their lawyers with a huge amount of confidential information, as the recent breach at Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca has shown.

In the week after 11 million documents were leaked from Mossack Fonesca, online searches for the phrase ‘Panama Papers’ (according to Google Trends) increased wildly, highlighting the heightened interest in and awareness of this data leak.


Furthermore, the media has gone into overdrive, reinforcing the need for law firms to prove their cyber security credentials to their clients.

While the vast majority of law firms are, of course, entirely reputable and only service clients with impeccable integrity, this hack does demonstrate the sort of damage that inadequate cyber security could do to any law firm.

No publicity is bad publicity… right?

Well, that depends.

It depends on how your reputable law firm is positioned to deal with cyber attacks.

It depends on how well placed you are to respond to a successful breach (and given the cyber threat landscape, it’s very much a matter of when, not if, you’ll be breached), and it depends on whether you’re able to demonstrate to your customers that you protect client confidential information and comply with Principle 10 and outcome 4.1 of the SRA Code of Conduct.

And as the media continues to shine a spotlight on one law firm in particular, potentially tarring all firms with the same brush, how can your reputable law firm turn all of this negative press into a positive, and win big as a result?

Now is the time to act by assessing your current security stature and aligning it to international best practice.

Best practice comes in the form of the international standard for information security management, ISO 27001.

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