How Yoga Can Improve Your IT Service Management Function

That’s right – yoga. But don’t start stretching and touching your toes just yet. There’s no need to begin answering helpdesk queries in the lotus position or fixing the server while performing the downward facing dog.  Instead, it’s the philosophy of yoga, says Beverly Weed-Schertzer, that can help you transcend conventional ITSM and improve your ITSM function.

And it’s not as weird as first sounds. Beverly has combined her twenty years of experience in IT Service management with her knowledge of yoga to create a model for ITSM called Moving Deeper into ITSM and ITIL®. The model explains how becoming visible and real to customers  can inform your service strategy,  and take on the challenge of managing people and process issues that have tested ITSM professionals for years.

Transcending Conventional ITSM is the first in a series of green papers from Beverly on the Moving Deeper model. Best of all for creaking sticks like me, you only need a flexible attitude to make the most of this innovative approach to ITSM.

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