How will ISO27001 help my organisation during economic austerity?

As the UK government grapples with the huge defecit in the aftermath of the global recession, the measures which have been announced, such as public sector spending cuts, have already had an effect on the wider economy. Headline’s in todays news show that UK inflation has slowed again in June.

For most organisations the economic outlook may seem grim and, in an attempt to control costs, they will be scrapping all non-essential projects.

How does your organisation determine which projects are non-essential?

The common sense approach is to look at the bottom line first:

  • Which projects will deliver the greatest return on investment?
  • Which projects will enable us to win new business?
  • Which projects will deliver long-term business goals, yet fail to deliver short-term returns?

Secondly, compliance issues need to be taken into consideration:

  • Which compliance projects will ensure we are trading legally?
  • Which compliance projects will help us to comply with our contractual obligations?
  • Which compliance projects will protect us in the event of a breach or other potentially damaging risks?

When you apply these questions to an information security and ISO27001 project, you will begin to see the real benefits of achieving certification, and will soon conclude that this is one project that is well worth pursuing.

How will ISO27001 help my organisation during economic austerity?

Implementing ISO27001 will enable an organisation to find efficiency savings which could have an immediate impact on its bottom line. Many organisations that already have ISO27001 certification have found themselves at an advantage over their competitors. This is particularly apparent during the tendering process as public sector organisations, and increasingly private sector organisations, are demanding ISO27001 certification as a pre-requisite.

So, as you can see, the commercial benefits to ISO 27001 certification are strong and when you back this up with the more obvious ‘compliance’ issues, there is a very strong case for bringing the project forward and making it happen as soon as possible.

Accelerate your ISO27001 project and develop an ISO27001-Compliant Information Security Management System (ISMS).

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Risk assessment is critical to effective deployment of an ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System, and this toolkit enables you to demonstrate that you have a repeatable risk assessment process and appropriate documentation.

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