How to pass your PRINCE2 exam on the first attempt

We all know how frustrating it can be when you revise for months on end for that important exam, only to take it and then find out you haven’t passed. All those months of learning seem wasted and you feel you’re back to square one again.

If you’re looking to gain PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certificates and want to avoid the above scenario, then we may have the solution for you. Our PRINCE2 Passport distance learning course currently has a 100% success rate for passing the Foundation exam and 94% success rate for passing the Practitioner exam. The course covers the full PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner 2009 syllabus and provides you with everything you need to know in order to pass the exam on your first attempt. This course provides a highly cost-effective route to certification.

What can these qualifications do for you?

PRINCE2 is the standard for project management and is practiced throughout Europe and indeed the world. It will boost your skills and confidence when managing projects and improve your employment prospects. Many organisations now mandate the use of PRINCE2 and therefore in most places it is a requirement. With over 30,000 people having taken the PRINCE2 exams so far, it is proven to be extremely successful.

This course is perfect for individuals and company employees who wish to use a flexible route to learning PRINCE2 and gaining formal accreditation. It is available on CD-ROM, meaning that you can study at a time, pace and place convenient for you.

Pass your PRINCE2 exam on the first attempt!


PRINCE2 2009 Passport Distance Learning – CD-ROM includes:

PRINCE2 2009 Passport Distance Learning
  • 12 modules with associated lessons
  • Voiceover narratives for each lesson
  • Notes to support each lesson
  • Lesson-level questions to check learning
  • PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exam simulations
  • 17 Practical Tasks and worked solutions for consolidating the method

Pass your PRINCE2 exam on the first attempt!

Additional support material includes:

  • Key Learning Points: A quick reference guide and memory prompt
  • Glossary: A fully updated and improved glossary. A ‘must have’ for getting to grips with the PRINCE2 language
  • Example Documents: Specifically generated for the Passport CD-ROM – provides worked examples of the key PRINCE2 documentation.

Pass your PRINCE2 exam on the first attempt!