How to outsource IT for competitive advantage

Businesses are increasingly choosing to outsource their IT function. The attraction of outsourcing IT is that it enables a company to obtain an efficient and responsive IT system, while at the same time allowing the company to focus on its core strengths.

The current economic climate is also putting companies under increasing pressure to find new ways of cutting costs. However, all too often IT outsourcing projects fail because companies have not applied appropriate governance processes to the project.

This book and pocket guide duo complement each other very well and will guide you through the outsourcing process. This duo will help you avoid the many pitfalls organisations face when outsourcing their IT.

Outsourcing IT Book and Pocket Guide DuoIT outsourcing can provide many benefits for your organisation, including cost savings and improved services. It can thus enable your organisation to operate more efficiently, and potentially make more profit.

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  • Make a better IT outsourcing decision. Before you make the decision to outsource, you need to have a clear understanding of what the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing IT actually are. Get the expert advice you need to help you understand whether outsourcing IT will really be suited to your business.
  • Assess, manage and control IT outsourcing risk. Outsourcing IT exposes your business to significant risks, such as business performance risks, legal and compliance risks, and financial risks. Find out how to identify the risks associated with outsourcing IT, and to deal with them.
  • Build win-win relationships with your suppliers. If you are outsourcing your IT, it is vital to carry out proper due diligence before you choose a supplier. You also need to make sure that right from the beginning both you and your supplier have a solid understanding of IT governance issues such as data security. Use this book to lay the foundations for a successful relationship with your supplier.
  • Outsource for competitive advantage. When you outsource your IT, you will need to find a solution that will support your broader business goals. And without proper governance of the outsourcing process, outsourced IT could easily damage your business. If you want outsourcing your IT to be a cost-effective solution that will increase your overall competitiveness, this duo is essential reading.

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