How to manage Social Media in your organisation

Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter & YouTube – these are the world’s most popular sites for people to share information, socialise and just hang out together, electronically. Blogging, Instant Messaging and Skype all play a significant role in enabling people to keep in touch with one another, wherever they are in the world.

What individuals do at home, they would like to do at work. But how should organisations regulate and manage the use, by their staff, of social media during work hours? And what sort of risks do organisations face, in terms of potential data loss, unregulated communication of confidential information, and work time?

The other part of the challenge is this: how should social media be used as part of a corporate communication and marketing strategy? How should the talents and credibility of individuals within the organisation be harnessed to position the organisation and its products or services in the best possible light? How should the organisation respond to criticism of it, whether on blogs or in a LinkedIn group?

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The ITG Social Media Governance Toolkit contains a comprehensive suite of documents and templates that will help you develop, implement, monitor and improve social media activities across your organisation.

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