How to make ITIL best practice easily available to everyone in your ITSM organisation

In our experience, as an official distributor of the ITIL books, we often see organisations thinking that they need to buy each member of their ITSM team their own copies of the ITIL core manuals. If you have a large ITSM team, this can cost tens of thousands.

However (and thankfully) there is another way. Multiuser licences allow people to concurrently access the core ITIL books online.

For example, if you have a multiuser licence for two users, up to two of your ITSM  team can concurrently access the ITIL content at any one time.

With any multiuser licence, you access the core ITIL content online through your Web browser. Whenever the ITIL core guidance is updated, the updates are rolled out online as soon as they are released. So you always have access to the latest ITIL best practice.

Multiuser licences are the ideal solutions for organisations that are serious about ITIL and ITSM best practice. Take advantage of the special offer we are currently running on our website where you can get 15% off of the normal RRP price of an ITIL multiuser licence.