How to get one-to-one ISO 27001 advice without the added costs

As budgets are continually stretched tighter to absorb the expanding costs of running an IT department, security teams often question whether consultancy is really the way to go whenbusiness-163464_640 implementing ISO 27001.

In its traditional guise, consultancy is usually associated with the added ‘expense account’ – a term often dreaded by the financial manager.

Indeed, the consultant’s bill to his/her clients by default includes the extras that have become a customary element of delivering the service: flights, accommodation, meals, travel and other expenses.  Some consultants may even bill their clients by the hour for time spent travelling – a practice that can run up a client’s bill quite dramatically!

For this reason, some companies prefer to simply avoid consultants in their entirety, and try to tackle an ISO 27001 implementation project by themselves.

Although there are tons of resources available that can help such teams implement an ISO 27001-aligned ISMS following a ‘do it yourself’ approach, an ISO 27001 implementation project can be quite challenging for first-timers.  The Standard has been written in a very generic way, leaving a lot of room for misinterpretation, often leaving the project leader with more questions than there are answers.

That’s why IT Governance’s ISO 27001 Get A Lot Of Help package contains simply everything you need to implement ISO 27001 yourself, plus five extra days of live, one-to-one consultancy from your very own ISO 27001 implementation coach.

This means you won’t have to worry about booking flights, hotels, meeting rooms or spending a single penny on consultancy expenses; this package covers it all.

You will also gain the added advantage of being able to quickly and cost-effectively assimilate and deploy critical knowledge to enable you to achieve certification and maintain it in the future – without having to hire the big guys to help you.

One-to-one coaching – totally remotely, without any added fees

This consultancy package combines ISO 27001 coaching sessions from an experienced consultant (delivered live, using online delivery methods) with the core ISO 27001 standards, two bestselling guides, key implementation tools, and one space at each of our live and online Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor masterclasses.

View the details of this package and how you can benefit from guidance and support through each key stage of the ISO27001 implementation project.

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