How To Ensure Your Forensic Readiness

Given the increasing risks from cyber attack from external and internal sources, your organisation will inevitably experience a security breach at some time in the future. Do you have the knowledge to reserve, contain and collect the digital evidence in the event of such a security incident? Would you know how to engage a Forensic Investigator to help you indentify the attacker and prevent such an incident happening again?

Digital Forensics Foundation Digital Forensics Foundation

In London 13 September

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The ITG Digital Forensics Foundation course is designed to deliver a comprehensive introduction to digital forensics and help you develop an effective forensic readiness plan for your organisation.

By attending this course, you will learn:

  1. How to protect your corporate information
  2. How to manage a Digital Incident
  3. Where to look for Digital Evidence
  4. How to preserve Digital Evidence correctly?
  5. How to select a Digital Forensics Investigator

Ensure your organisation is Forensic Ready!

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