How to Effectively Manage and Communicate Change

In the workplace, people on the receiving end of change often face uncertainty, self-doubt, confusion, and fear. At such time, what they need more than anything else is information, reassurance, encouragement, empathy, and feedback. Yet these are the very things that are most often lacking, as those in charge focus their attention on the technical aspects of the change and treat the people affected as an afterthought. And then they are puzzled when the people affected don’t immediately welcome the change, support it, and adjust to it.

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change deals with the issue of change from a refreshingly different perspective. Its premise is that change will proceed more smoothly and effectively if serious consideration is given to the people aspects. The book offers ideas, guidelines and advice to help you implement change in a way which respects those affected, using communication skills as guidance tools.

This book is chock full of useful models and tips that will increase your ability to deal with change more effectively, and help others do so as well.


Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change (Download)

Changing How You Manage and Communicate Change

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Who is this book for?All those who work in and with IT will benefit from reading this book. You will better understand your own reactions to change and those of colleagues, customers, and suppliers. You will be able to explain more confidently why a one-size-fits-all change management plan doesn’t work and how to make it more flexible. You will also understand more clearly why there is always a productivity drop when a change is introduced, and how to help people move up the learning curve more quickly.

“Communication is to managing change as air is to breathing” – Download this book today to effectively manage and communicate change in your organisation.