How to Build a Successful Cyber Resilience Strategy

Being an author on the IT Governance blog gives my voice a considerably large audience. So it’s my responsibility to warn you that you may become a target of cyber crime.

Unfortunately cyber crime has evolved so much that it’s almost inevitable that every organisation will suffer some form of cyber attack or data breach. It’s not necessarily a fault of your own, but more the unrelenting determination of hackers to make a quick buck.

That’s where Cyber Resilience comes in as a weapon against cyber crime.

Cyber resilience is the ability to repel cyber attacks while protecting critical business assets, rapidly adapting and responding to business disruptions and maintain continuous business operations.

To explain in further detail how an organisation should go about building cyber resilience, IT Governance has created the following document.

Cyber Resilience 7 Step and Resources_cover

For those who want to expand their knowledge of cyber resilience, then you can attend Alan Calder’s free webinar Cyber Resilience: the new normal on the 12th February 15:00GMT