How to become an ISO 27001 lead implementer

If you have some knowledge of ISO 27001 and want to further your career, you should consider becoming an ISO 27001 lead implementer.

It’s an advanced cyber security position that comes with a lot of responsibility. You will be tasked with overseeing an ISO 27001 project, managing personnel and making sure you meet the Standard’s requirements along the way.

Anyone interested in the position will need to pass the ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer (CIS LI) exam.

What you need to know

ISO 27001 lead implementers will need to understand:

  • The role and structure of an ISMS (information security management system);
  • The key concepts, principles and main requirements of ISO 27001;
  • The terms and definitions used in the Standard, including risk and options for risk assessments;
  • How to interpret the requirements of ISO 27001 to determine the scope of your ISMS;
  • How to secure senior management commitment by building a compelling business case;
  • How to structure and manage an ISO 27001 project;
  • How to review and map your existing controls to Annex A of ISO 27001;
  • The benefits of, and key issues when selecting, a risk assessment tool;
  • How to develop a management framework, write policies and produce other critical documentation;
  • The importance of staff, an effective communication strategy and general awareness training;
  • The key elements of management review;
  • How to prepare for an ISO 27001 certification audit and ensure that you pass first time; and
  • How to manage and drive continual improvement under ISO 27001.

How much does the exam cost?

It is much more cost-effective to enrol on an ISO 27001 lead implementer training course that includes the exam in its programme rather than pay for the two separately.

IT Governance’s ISO27001 Certified ISMS Lead Implementer training course costs £1,795, and includes three days of training followed by the exam. The course is led by real-world ISO 27001 practitioners who show you how to tackle an ISMS project from start to finish. You’ll be given a combination of theoretical study and hands-on work, including group discussions, practical exercises and case studies.

We also offer a Live Online version of this course.

What is a lead implementer’s salary?

According to ITJobsWatch, the average ISO 27001 lead implementer earns £45,000 annually.

Progress your career with an ISO 27001 Lead Implementer qualification

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