How to Avoid DPA Fines

You would have heard by now that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has imposed fines (totalling £160,000), on two organisations following UK data breaches that occurred in June. These are the first fines to be handed down by the ICO since it acquired new punitive powers in April 2010.

In a January 2010 blog post we reported that the ICO expect to issue 25 Monetary Penalty Notices (MPNs) each year. Having now issued their first two fines, the ICO have demonstrated that it will not hesitate to use its new powers and all businesses should, for it’s own survival, ensure full DPA compliance.

On top of a fine of up to £500,000, the brand damage and subsequent loss of business could cripple your organisation. This is a risk is not worth taking, especially when you can achieve full DPA compliance inexpensively using tools and services from IT Governance.

At IT Governance, we have the most comprehensive range of Books, Tools, Training and Consultancy Services, which help organisations of all sizes to achieve full compliance with the DPA.

Complete Data Protection Toolkit:

The first thing you need to do is identify your current level of conformance. The DPA Compliance Assessment Tool will help you do this. It provides recommendations and offers guidance to help you close any gaps that are identified.

Once you have identified exactly what you need to do in order to become fully compliant with the DPA, you will find the DPA Compliance Documentation Toolkit invaluable. It includes all the documentation templates, which are fully customisable, that are essential for any data controller seeking compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

The Assessment Tool and the Documentation Toolkit will enable your organisation to become fully compliant with the DPA, and to make the process easier and provide supporting guidance, we have bundled them together with two essential pocket guides to create this Complete Data Protection Toolkit.

Comply with the DPA — Save Time — Save Money — Avoid Reputation Damage!

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