“How They Blew It” – eBook for the weekend

Did you know how business leaders and entrepreneurs went from corporate gurus to financial disaster zones?

How They Blew It answers this and many other questions surrounding the collapse of some of the world’s most famous businesses. The book looks at the personality traits of the business leaders and the fine line between success and failure.

How They Blew It is a series of eye-popping tales of entrepreneurs and business leaders who went from corporate gurus to financial disaster zones in rapid and humiliating fashion. Full of surprising details and mind-blowing sums of money, it looks at the characteristics of these leaders and the fine line between hero and zero.

What others say:

‘Jamie Oliver has a wonderful turn of phrase and that rare ability to bring business to life.’Richard Tyler, The Daily Telegraph

‘In this timely yet disturbing book, journalist Jamie Oliver and recruitment expert Tony Goodwin present a rogues gallery of entrepreneurs and CEOs who have disgraced themselves and destroyed their companies…The authors lightly, charmingly depict the lives of these corporate desperados, offering lessons other leaders can draw from their stories.’Washingtonpost.com, October 2010


How They Blew It

How They Blew ItBuy now! What is this book about? How They Blew It

    is about the people at the heart of these business catastrophes. It is about what drives them to succeed and then to fail. It is a compelling examination of the rights and wrongs of each case and it seeks to get into the minds of the people behind the business disasters. It also asks “Why the hell did they do that??” By examining how business ventures can go so badly wrong, you can learn to avoid those mistakes in the first place.

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