How strict are you with your service desk team on the topic of social media?

“Organisations that don’t allow staff  access to social networking websites risk alienating the next generation of workers”
Support World Magazine

Research from Hyphen indicates that almost half of those under 25 would not join a company with strict social media policies. The report highlights the fact that young workers starting out on the career ladder have high expectations regarding technology and social media, 60% of which recognise social networking sites such as Linkedin improve their effectiveness.

Some managers believe that staff waste their time on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and view it as a dangerous distraction. However, the Hyphen report contradicts this popular belief, concluding that over half of all those polled who have access to social media  at work, said that they spend less than 10 minutes per day on it for their personal use, and 1/3 saying they spend no at all time during work hours.

Those service desk managers who don’t allow their team to use social media could be missing a trick. Nowadays, customers often relay feedback of the company/service desk using social media. If you have a presence on social media then you are more likely to measure customer satisfaction. In SDI’s recent ‘UK Service Desk Benchmarking Report’, Daniel Wood (author) found that 17% of respondents  did not measure customer satisfaction. This is alarming, given that many service desks measure their success due to feedback and perceptions from their customers. Using social media as a tool to gain customer feedback is a great way of getting responsive answers.

Use social media in your service desk team to your advantage with the Social Media Governance toolkit. The Social Media Toolkit helps organisations create an effective governance structure around their social media activities. Social media is, for many organisations, a critical part of how they speak to customers, partners and stakeholders; for others, social media is a dangerous distraction.

Dealing effectively with social media requires a joined-up approach that is aligned with the objectives and risk appetite of the business – a governance approach.

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 Source: Hyphen report, via Support World Magazine