How small organisations can fast-track ISO 27001 implementation

Small businesses are increasingly understanding the importance of ISO 27001, the international information security standard, but many struggle to find the resources to commit to an implementation project.

If you’re among those, our ISO 27001 Online FastTrack™ Consultancy – Micro Organisations is the ideal solution.

Our team of experts will have you ready for accredited certification in just three months and for a one-off fee.

You will be assigned a qualified consultant who will work with you and perform all the key activities involved in setting up an ISMS (information security management system) that’s in line with ISO 27001’s requirements and that reflects your business objectives.

We do this by following our proven nine-step approach for implementing an ISMS.

Our ISO 27001 implementation method

  1. Project mandate

Collate information for your information security policy to define the scope of the ISMS and facilitate management approval of essential documents.

  1. Project initiation

Develop the project’s goals, and ensure that both the project and ISMS deliver their objectives.

  1. ISMS initiation

Establish the requirements of each ISMS process and the tasks required to develop and implement them.

  1. Management framework

Ensure the ISO 27001 requirements relating to organisational context, scope and leadership are fully addressed, and align the ISMS to your organisation and business objectives.

  1. Baseline security criteria

Ensure that security controls meet your business requirements.

  1. Risk management

Develop a robust information security risk management process, identify appropriate information security risk treatments and controls, and produce the risk treatment plan and Statement of Applicability.

  1. Implementation

Address the remaining ISMS processes and controls, including documentation and training.

  1. Measure, monitor and review

Establish processes for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of the ISMS, including an internal ISMS audit and management review.

  1. Certification audit

We will help you select an independent, accredited certification body appropriate to your organisation.

We will also assess the findings of the initial certification audit, and set out the tasks and activities required to maintain the ISMS and accredited certification.

Fast-track your ISO 27001 implementation project

ISO 27001 Online FastTrack™ Consultancy – Micro Organisations helps you reduce the time and effort it takes to implement an ISMS and eliminates the cost of extensive consultancy work.

Plus, we guarantee that you will achieve certification-readiness within the agreed project timeline, and will cover any extra direct remedial costs necessary to ensure that you pass your final certification audit.

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