How much is the data on your mobile device worth?

According to a recent survey conducted by Ponemon Institute, the average value of data stored in respondents’ mobile devices is around $14,000. It’s a mix of photos and videos, contact lists, email, apps, music, documents and text messages – both personal and work-related data.

Business and personal data all in one device

Only a fifth of people surveyed claim to use their mobile solely for personal use – the rest freely access corporate email and store confidential business documents. Despite their worries about the risk of their mobile being hacked or infected by malware (59%), nearly half are not concerned about the security of work-related data. I imagine them saying: “What’s at stake? It’s my company’s life, not mine”.

Photos of family valued more than work email

When asked to assign a monetary value to specific categories of data, photos of family and friends are worth $3,074 against $1,118 assigned to work email. As a consequence, you might think family portraits with dogs are more protected than business data, because they have sentimental value. But you would be wrong: half of respondents do not take steps to protect any kind of data. Are their employers aware of that?

Spread information security best practices

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