How laid back is your staff? IT Governance helps Indian companies build a high-performance team.

Have you ever asked yourself this question and wondered how your employees perform during a project? Here’s the thing; if this question ever comes to your mind, you need to start taking some steps to address it as soon as possible.

According to the Infosys chairman emeritus NR Narayan Murthy, most projects in India get delayed because “people are not disciplined and, like most Asian countries, not much bothered about losing face or credibility”. This laidback approach, which is a part of the Indian culture per se, has a negative impact on the success of project management in the country.

While this is the view of one person and may not be entirely the case, Murthy claims that Indians’ performance is less than glorious, “Unless we overcome this cultural lacunae, we may not succeed”. The IT veteran stressed upon how entrepreneurship can help overcome any possible hiccups during a project and suggested preparation for fair share of hardship and obstacles along the way.

Finally, the speaker encourages the IT sector in India to deliver 99% of the projects on time to ensure that quality matches up to global standards. Only then projects will continue to come to India.

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Do you agree or disagree with Murthy’s statement that “[Indians] are not disciplined and (…) not much bothered about losing face or credibility? Have a say – Post your comments below.