How ‘ISO27001 ISMS Foundation Course’ helped me better understand ISO27001 certification.

Yesterday I attended ISO27001 ISMS Foundation Course organised by IT Governance in London. The course covered some important topics concerning information security, ISO27001 certification, ISMS, risk management and business continuity.

The course has been run by IT Governance for 5 consecutive years and it’s been highly successful thanks to its increasing number of attendees year after year. It attracts both experienced professionals as well as those who have only recently joined the world of information security and auditing.

What this course is about

This 1-day course is a mixture of presentations and short group workshop sessions. Full course materials are also provided.

Based on Alan Calder & Steve Watkins’ books, ISO27001/ISO27002 A Pocket Guide, & An Introduction to Information Security and ISO27001 (which every attendee receives with their information pack for free), this course enables delegates to get to grips with the key concepts and benefits of ISO27001, including its relationship with ISO27002.

During the course you can learn the following:

  • The drivers for adoption of ISO27001,
  • The ISMS Standards – what they are, and why they are important,
  • What is required by way of documentation and its part in an Information Security Management System,
  • What ‘Certification’ means,
  • Information Security – What it is and why it is important,
  • Management Commitment – Why it is crucial to the success of an ISO27001 project and how to secure and retain it,
  • Selecting a solution – What ISO27001 is and how to use ISO27001 and ISO27002 together,
  • Implementing ISO27001 and Project Management:

– Scoping, Planning, Communication,
– How ISO27001 helps organisations meet their legal, regulatory and contractual compliance objective,
– How ISO 27001 can help increase user productivity and reduce IT problems,

Why bother?

This course prepares delegates for an examination which is taken during the afternoon of the training programme. Successful candidates will be awarded the ISO27001 ISMS Foundation Certificate issued by the exam body, gasq and approved by the International Board for IT Governance Qualifications.

Qualifications that are certified by accredited and respected organisations are becoming an essential requirement of any IT governance professional. With an ever increasing demand for information security staff, employers offer enhanced career opportunities to candidates who have certified qualifications and relevant experience.

So what did I think about the course?

Would I say all was clear as mud? Having VERY basic knowledge in this field, for sure, the course helped me understand the differences between ISO27001 and 27002 as well as explained the process of risk management in more detail. The things I really liked about this course were that EVERYONE could attend it, there were no prerequisites to attend it and, in between the sessions, people shared their ‘real-life’ experience with each other. There was also an opportunity to meet your peers and exchange ever so important contacts.

I would definitely recommend this course to everyone!

For more information and how to book onto the course please visit our ISO27001 ISMS Foundation Training Course page.