How ISO 27001 saves you money on your cyber security defences

Being able to purchase a fully automated cyber attack package is now as easy as buying your weekly groceries online. A Trend Micro survey has revealed that there are over 70 different exploit kits in the wild that can take advantage of more than a hundred vulnerabilities that could be present on your systems, networks and computers.

Desperately seeking a single solution

As such attacks are unleashed – targeting organisations at will and without discretion – it has left the defenders of their castles frantically searching for the magic formula that will help keep their businesses secure.

There are several challenges that companies face when implementing a cyber security solution.

Companies often make the mistake of implementing cyber security solutions that are cobbled together in multiple layers and that don’t interact with one another as a holistic system.

Furthermore, it is commonly known that many of the attacks that are being reported today start or end with poor processes or human error.

With so many warning signs that cyber attacks are an imminent reality for businesses, there should be no question that basic elements of cyber hygiene should be in place, yet these measures are frequently ignored by even the largest of organisations. It is surprising how many companies do not do things like conduct regular cyber risk assessments, implement essential policies and procedures, employ patch management, apply incident response procedures or conduct staff awareness training.

That’s why at IT Governance we continue to hammer away about the practical benefits of implementing a comprehensive and integrated cyber security solution like ISO 27001.

The security trilogy

Those who are familiar with ISO 27001 will know that the Standard advocates synergy between people, processes and technology through the development and continual improvement of an information security management system (ISMS).

By adopting this synergistic approach, and by basing their cyber risk management strategy on the outcomes of a cyber risk assessment, companies can avoid the ad hoc, multiple-layering trap that often costs far more than the comparative security benefits.

Proven cost-saving benefits

Finally, Ponemon Institute’s definitive 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Study: Global has proven that certification against industry-leading standards can save companies up to US$549,620, while other activities that are promoted by ISO 27001 can result in even further savings, such as:

  • employing expert personnel (US$1,458,736)
  • appointing a high-level security leader (US$1,291,810)
  • training and awareness activities (US$1,150,951)

Find out how ISO 27001 can help your business now by contacting one of our key account managers for a detailed discussion about your requirements. We recommend starting your ISO 27001 implementation with an in-person assessment and gap analysis of your total security regime by one of our expert consultants.

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